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March / April 2002

Energy, for Women, is published by Muscle Media. It basically is a magazine like Muscle Media, with a positive attitude, exercises, recipes, and more directed at the women fitness enthusiast. On the cover is Kirsten Warner.

March / April 2002 - Table of Contents


  • Just Breathe
    Discover relaxation through breathing.

  • Have A Ball
    Add variation to your upper body workout with a stability ball.

  • The mindfulness Makeover
    Look inside to improve your outside

  • Top 20 Comfy Clothes
    Clothes that will make you look and feel good.

  • The Organic Experience
    Is organic food good for you?

  • Supplement Savvy
    Supplements to help optimize your health, fitness and physique.

  • Use Your Mind, Sculpt Your Body
    Sculpt beautiful abs with yoga and Pilates.

  • Mood Food
    Adjust your diet to help you feel better!

  • Take 30
    Give yourself a breather without missing a workout.

  • Built To Last
    How Linda Kelly-Catlow rediscovered her energetic self.

  • Taking the Plunge
    Amy Arbuckle conquers more than the Body For Life Challenge.

Energy Source

  • Your Inner Energy
    Focus on you and your needs.

  • Mind Body Challenge
    Record your thoughts and achieve your goals.

  • Body Shoppe
    Exercise your way to a health body and mind.

  • Training Challenge
    Can yoga save your life?

  • Food for Thought
    Take control of unwanted symptoms.

  • Nutrition Challenge
    Five strategies to keep your nutrition on track.

  • For Your Health
    Are you running on empty?

  • Health Challenge
    Can one nutrient boost your health?

  • FYI
    The latest research on health and fitness

  • Style
    Style for your inner you.


  • From the Editor
    By Gretchen Ferraro

  • Our Contributors

  • In Touch
    Letters from our readers

  • The Training Zone
    12 exercises for lean and strong legs

  • Energizing Meals
    Six energizing meals with a health kick.

  • The Next Challenge
    Going from body building to baby building.