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November 2002

Flex Magazine considers themselves the bible of hardcore bodybuilding. Each month, Flex visits and speaks with the champions of bodybuilding at their gyms, at contests, and at their homes, gathering information and photographs, Flex brings you their latest strategies, and the competitive goals that they apply to further develop their title-winning physiques. On the cover is Ronnie Coleman.

November 2002 - Table of Contents
Volume 20, Number 9


  • Best Arms of All Time
    A primer on arm blasting. By Lee Priest.

  • The H.U.G.E. Program: Part 1
    Our 12 month program for hardgainers.

  • All the King's Shoulders
    Seven essential exercises for delts. By Ronnie Coleman.

  • The Ultimate Quad Shock
    Supersizing thighs. By Craig Titus.

  • Row, Row, Row Your Back
    Rowing exercises explored.

  • Six Weeks to Awesome Abs
    Sculpting a sexy stomach.

  • Ask Mr. O
    By Ronnie Coleman

  • Ask Dorian
    By Dorian Yates


  • Get Big On Your Budget
    The ultimate guide to buying supplements and meals without going broke. Getting a big body doesn't take a big wallet.

  • Hot Stacks
    Potent supplement combos.

  • Advanced Nutrition
    The latest high tech advances.

  • Wright Stuff
    The utlimate injury stack.

  • New Gains
    Expert answers to your nutrition questions from cyberspace.


  • Ch-Ch-Ch Changes
    Meet the new FLEX, your Flex.

  • Enduring Values
    A message about our message.

  • The Real Big Picture
    This month: Lee Haney

  • New Column! Everybody
    Readers tell their tales.

  • Prime Time TV Makeover
    Gunter Schlierkamp torments TV's Dondre T. Whitfield.

  • Big O Slam
    Big news on the Mr. Olympia pay-per-view.

  • Flex Super Poll
    Choose the greatest bodybuilders of all time.

  • Born Ready
    The Dennis James Interview.


  • Give Them El
    The men's NPC USA Championships report.

  • Rosemary's Baby!
    The women's NPC USA championships report.


  • Lee Haney

  • Timea Majorova

  • Kim Lyons


  • Joe's Page
  • Talkback
  • Hard Times
  • Reflexions
  • Flex N Femme
  • Show Big Report
  • Real Spiel
  • Nassertions
  • Hocus Focus
  • IFBB Report
  • Factiods
  • Events
  • NPC Report / Talent Roundup
  • Street Scene
  • Readers Market
  • Next Month