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February 2004

Flex Magazine considers themselves the bible of hardcore bodybuilding. Each month, Flex visits and speaks with the champions of bodybuilding at their gyms, at contests, and at their homes, gathering information and photographs, Flex brings you their latest strategies, and the competitive goals that they apply to further develop their title-winning physiques. On the cover is Brock Lesnar.

February 2004 - Table of Contents
Volume 21, Number 12


  • 12 Weeks Hard
    We've packed this 28 page special with all you need to know - workouts, meal plans, supplements - to become hard and lean by spring break. Plus, enter our 12 weeks hard contest to win six months worth of supplements.


  • Back and Forth
    How Dennis James built a new back to push him through to fourth place an the 2003 Mr. Olympia

  • The H.U.G.E. Program
    Alternate Routes: Five solutions for overcoming sticking points.

  • A Trojan Odyssey
    Troy Alves' long road to becoming an overnight sensation.

  • Ask Mr. O
    By Ronnie Coleman

  • Ask Dorin
    By Dorian Yates

  • Lee's Way
    By Lee Haney


  • 12 Weeks Hard
    The diet, nutrition and supplement directives for this exclusive programs.

  • Go Fish
    Learn more about one of the best protein foods.

  • Mass Construction
    George Farah's muscle building clinic.

  • Advanced Nutrition
    The latest high tech advances

  • Net Gains
    Expert answers to your nutrition questions.


  • Brock and Roll
    WWE superstar Brock Lesnar reveals his bodybuilding roots

  • 12 Weeks Hard: Contest
    Your change to win a six month cache of supplements.

  • Your weekend with Arnold
    A preview of the 2004 Arnold Fitness Weekend in Columbus, hio


  • Joe Weider's 2004 Calendar
    Photography by Chris Lund


  • Leave It To Cleaver
    Dexter 'The Blade' Jackson pulls off an upset victory at the 2003 GNC Show of Strength.

  • Eight the Hard Way
    Lenda Murray takes the 2003 Ms. Olympia

  • Four and Out
    Susie Curry wins her fourth Fitness Olympia

  • Miami Nice
    The 2003 NPC Nationals flash report.


  • Arnold's Page
  • Joe's Page
  • Talkback
  • Hard Times
  • Reflexions
  • The Show Big Report
  • IFBB Report
  • NPC Report / Talent Roundup
  • Events
  • Readers Market
  • Next Month