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April 2004

Flex Magazine considers themselves the bible of hardcore bodybuilding. Each month, Flex visits and speaks with the champions of bodybuilding at their gyms, at contests, and at their homes, gathering information and photographs, Flex brings you their latest strategies, and the competitive goals that they apply to further develop their title-winning physiques. On the cover is Chris Cook.

April 2004 - Table of Contents
Volume 22, Number 2


  • Gym'll Fix It
    Fail safe routines for correcting the 10 most common bodypart deficiencies.


  • The Ronnie Horror Show
    Ronnie Coleman's brutal 2003 Olympia training program.

  • Back From The Dead
    Deadlift correctly to maximize muscle gains.

  • Chick's Chest Changes
    The compelling story of Bob Cicherillo's ever elvolving pecs.

  • Ask Mr. O
    By Ronnie Coleman

  • Ask Dorian
    By Dorian Yates

  • Lee's Way
    By Lee Haney


  • The Get Big Six
    Supplements for mass

  • Protein Jargon Simplified
    Decoding product labels for optimal muscle gains.

  • Chew On This
    Sixteen strategies for meeting protein needs.

  • The H.U.G.E. Program
    Supersize meals with supersize you! Seven nutrition edicts for packing on the beef.

  • Net Gains
    Expert answers to your nutrition questions from cyberspace.

  • Muscle Up Your Diet
    New IFBB pro Marc Jacobs shares his secrets.

  • Advanced Nutrition
    The latest high tech advances.


  • Forever Awesome
    Profile of eight time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney, totally awesome bodybuilder and even greater man.

  • Remembering Sonny
    Tribute to late Masters O champ Sonny Schmidt

  • The Real Big Picture
    Dexter Jackson interview

  • Dancing with the Dark Size
    A hardboiled view of steroid use in bodybuilding and its myriad consequences

  • The Fourth Annual Flexy Awards
    FLEX salutes Hollywood's top physique.

  • The Mark of a True Fan
    Biggest fan contest winner announced.

  • Ephedra Banned
    The implications of the government ban on ephedra.


  • The Real Big Picture
    Number 10: Dexter Jackson

  • Sonny Schmidt
    A Tribute


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  • Joe's Page
  • Talkback
  • Hard Times
  • Reflexions
  • The Show Big Report
  • IFBB Report
  • NPC Report / Talent Roundup
  • Events
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