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May 2005

Flex Magazine considers themselves the bible of hardcore bodybuilding. Each month, Flex visits and speaks with the champions of bodybuilding at their gyms, at contests, and at their homes, gathering information and photographs, Flex brings you their latest strategies, and the competitive goals that they apply to further develop their title-winning physiques. On the cover is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

May 2005 - Table of Contents
Volume 23, Number 3


  • Boulder Shoulder Shocker
    For an explosive new delt routine, who you gonna call? Jay Cutler!

  • The Oak's Unique Lifts
    These vintage movements helped Arnold Schwarzenegger sculpt his classic physique.

  • The Brute Strength Program: The 5% Method
    Month three of the FLEX six month plan to increase strength

  • The Big Squeeze
    Enter Frank Roberson's Inferno - known to sane mortals as a workout - if you dare.

  • The H.U.G.E. System: Shortcuts to Nowhere
    Your map to continuous long term growth.

  • Gym Bag
    Packed with insider tips and breaking research

  • Ask Mr. O
    By Ronnie Coleman

  • Ask Dorian
    By Dorian Yates

  • Lee's Way
    By Lee Haney


  • Beat the Ban
    Eight supplements to use as replacements for prohormones and to boost testosterone

  • Advanced Nutrition
    MCTs for fat loss, melatonin for muscle recovery, the antioxidant potential of creatine, high protein diets and hamburger versus steak

  • Disciple of Discipline
    Mark Dugdale's year round approach to carb consumption - keep it simple

  • Protein Cycling
    Stimulate muscle growth by alternating protein intake levels.

  • Net Gains
    Expert advice on creatine dosages and soymilk protein, plus the scoop on fruit sugar.

Features / Contests

  • March Mass-Ness
    The 2005 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Report

  • Big Bad Badell
    Coming off his Mr. Olympia third place high, Gustavo Badell wins the 20045 Ironman Pro Invitational

  • For Boy To Man
    Who better to reveal the true Arnold Schwarzenegger than friend and photographer Albert Busek.

  • Jason Who?
    Introducing 2004 NPC Teen National Championships winner Jason Huh, that's who.

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  • The Show Big Report
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