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October 2000

Physical Magazine's tag line is 'high energy, sports nutrition'. The magazine's timely information will help you make decisions regarding how you are living 'The Physical Lifestyle' This month's cover features Sherry Goggin-Giardina.

October 2000
Table of Contents
Volume 3, Issue 10


  • Amino Acids
    Learn all about the amino acids that will supercharge your bodybuilding efforts.

  • Ultimate Triceps
    Train triceps wit htechniques that hit all three heads of this astounding muscle, giving you a great burn, and stimulating growth and definition.

  • Flattened by the Flu
    Here's some of the latest advice on the newest cold and flu supplements and avoidance strategies that will protect you this season.

  • David Hawks Return to Dominance
    The second installment of a six month sponsored program in which David Hawk rebuils his Mr. USA winning physique.


  • Graffiti

  • Body Chemistry 101
    The latest findings in sports nutrition.

  • The Expert Column
    Find out how chrysin can help you grow.

  • In the Spotlight
    84 year old kayaker Bill Brigden

  • Physical Girl
    October Physical girl Tara Smith

  • In the Locker Room
    Exercise and fitness Q&A for women

  • The Cutting Edge
    Insiders Report: Here is what's new in sports nutrition and gear.

  • Personal Trainer
    Training Q&As to put your progress in overdrive

  • New Stuff
    Fitness equipment designed especially for women

  • Body Online
    Internet sites where you can surf for fitness tips.