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February 2002

Physical Magazine's tag line is 'high energy, sports nutrition'. The magazine's timely information will help you make decisions regarding how you are living 'The Physical Lifestyle'. This month's cover features Julia Brox and John Turk.

February 2002
Table of Contents
Volume 5, Issue 2


  • The Get Physical Diet
    Here's a diet plan designed just for our readers by a nutrition expert with more than 18 years of bodybuilding experience. Learn what and how to eat, exercise and supplement to burn fat.

  • Brain Boosters
    Get the latest information on smart nutrients that rebuild, refresh and regenerate zapped cells in your brain and nervous system.

  • Get On The Ball
    They may lok like toys, but Swiss and medicine balls can add an exciting new challenge to training for athletes at all fitness levels.

  • Real World Training
    Clash of the Titans. Check in at the World's Strongest Man contest and sense the Herculean athletic effort required to pull off fantastic feats of strength.

  • NASCAR Update
    Here's the checkered flag on the $30,000 GNC Live Well Challenge. A shootout between three recently trained and tuned up out crews. Applaud the winners!


  • Graffiti
    Includes Body Chem 101; In the spotlight: Luis Gonzales; The Expert Column; and Lab Insider.

  • The Doctor Is In
    Medical Q&As for the Physical Lifestyle, by Christine Lydon, MD.

  • Physical Girl
    February 2002 Physcial Girl Tatiana Anderson

  • New Stuff
    IM - Xercise

  • Baby Boomers
    Physical looks at the baby boomer generation and the challenge to control cholesterol.

  • Cutting Edge
    Insider's Report: What's new in sports nutrition and gear.

  • Personal Trainer
    Training Q&A's to put your progress in overtime.

  • Body Online
    Bail workouts on the Internet.