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April/May 1999

Physical Magazine's tag line is 'high energy, sports nutrition'. The magazine's timely information will help you make decisions regarding how you are living 'The Physical Lifestyle'. This month's cover features Robert Goold.

April/May 1999
Table of Contents
Volume 2, Issue 1


  • Ten Ways to Get Buffed By Summer
    Summer will be here soon, so now's the time to get in top shape. We show you how with a 10 step program.

  • Pyruvate: An Update
    For anyone who wants a head turning, sculpted physique, pyruvate holds promise. Here's good news from the latest research.

  • Boost Your Growth Hormone
    It builds muscle and burns fat. Here is a safe and effective way to increase your supply of this vital hormone.

  • Say Goodbye to Muscle Cramps
    Cramps don't have to be the bane of strength and endurance athletes. Find out what you can do about it.

  • Relax with Kava
    It's safe, it's legal, and it does not require a prescription. So, what does it do for stressed out bodies and tired muscles? It helps them - and you - to relax.

  • Calcium: The Muscle Activator
    This essential mineral is required for muscle contraction, but your training program could give you a deficiency. Here is how to prevent one.

  • To the Rescue: Top Firefighter Workouts
    This month we look at how firefighters design their workouts to get the strength and endurance they need.


  • Body Chemistry 101
    Expanded coverage of the latest research in sports nutrition and weight training.

  • Stellar Bodies
    The Hollywood set tells how they live well and look good.

  • Expert Column
    Kids of creatine. It is not a hormone, but does that mean it is safe for young people.

  • Graffiti
    News, tips and inspiration

  • In the Locker Room for Women
    Here is how to be sexy and muscular at the same time

  • Body Online
    Web sites to help you eat right, train hard and relax.

  • Personal Trainer
    Our fitness guru gives you training tips that can put your progress into overdrive.