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June/July 1999

Physical Magazine's tag line is 'high energy, sports nutrition'. The magazine's timely information will help you make decisions regarding how you are living 'The Physical Lifestyle'. This month's cover features Grant Henderson.

June/July 1999
Table of Contents
Volume 2, Issue 2


  • Power Sports
    Creatine provides benefits for athletes in most sports. Find out how it could help you increase your strength and performance.

  • Supercharge Your Muscles With Ribose
    Intense exercise can reduce the maximum amount of energy stored in your muscles. Look at the latest research to see what you can do about it.

  • PC Helps Athletes Stay Sharp
    PC, a nutrient that is key to brain function, may help athletes achieve better fitness by keeping their minds sharp.

  • Blast Muscle Pain with MSM
    Muscle soreness is one of the athlete's most dreaded companions. Here is the buzz about a supplement that can cut soreness by up to 40%.

  • Your Optimal Stress Zone
    Find it and grow! Tired of training hard and having little to show for it? Here are some new ways to keep your body in the anabolic groove.

  • SAMe Zaps Joint Pain
    Don't training with joint pain. Help in on the way.

  • Real World Training
    Each issue we look at how real people use weight training to achieve their real world goals.

  • Boxing Beauty
    Weight training redefines the term 'Femme Fatale'. Strength is sexy. Find out how female boxers pump iron to create not only a powerful punch, but a knockout body.


  • Body Chemistry 101
    The latest researcg in sports nutrition and weight nutrition.

  • Stellar Bodies
    The stars reveal how they keep their butts in top form.

  • Expert Column
    Are supplements really drugs and vice versa? The answer may seem simple, but new scientific advances have blurred the line between them.

  • Muscle Chef
    Here's another delicious protein shake recipe.

  • Book Review
    A look at Optimal Muscle Recovery.

  • In The Locker Room
    Find out whether men or women make the best training partners.

  • Body Online
    Web sites that specialize in training protocols and exercise form.

  • Personal Trainer
    Our fitness guru gives you training tips that will put your progress in overdrive.