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August/September 1999

Physical Magazine's tag line is 'high energy, sports nutrition'. The magazine's timely information will help you make decisions regarding how you are living 'The Physical Lifestyle'. This month's cover features Robert Amstler.

August/September 1999
Table of Contents
Volume 2, Issue 3


  • Eight Sure Fire Ways to Intensify Your Workouts
    Stuck in a rut and can't grow? Here are eight ways to take your workouts to the next level.

  • Carnitine Machine
    This nutrient helps to burn fat for fuel and may be able to dramatically boost your performance.

  • Get Pumped!
    How to work your heart as you ump the Iron. We used to think that aerobic exercise was the only way to work the heart. Learn what scientists now know about the benefits of weight training.

  • The Best Kind of Whey
    Whey protein comes in many forms. Find out what a leading researcher has discovered about the ideal type of whey for strength trainers.

  • Designer Fuel: The 21st century Diet
    These super nutrient dense, power packed foods offer athletes a high tech, competitive advantage.

  • Deer Antler Velvet
    Not just a sex potion. It's been used as a virility booster in the Orient for centuries. New research shows that it can boost your athletic performance as well.

  • Top Cop
    Pumping Iron to Protect and Serve. Fighting crime takes strength, speed and endurance. Here's how police officers traing so that the streets are safe for the rest of us.


  • Body Chemistry 101
    The latest research in sport nutrition and weight training.

  • In the Spotlight
    Melissa Spooner uses weight training to excel in the triathlon.

  • The Expert Column
    The 30 Gram Rule exposed. Here's a no-nonsense look at the controversial 'limit on how much protein you can digest at one time.

  • Muscle Chef
    Chocoholics beware! This protein shake could be addictive.

  • Stellar Bodies
    The stars explain how they build up their biceps.

  • In the Locker Room for Women
    Learn how to firm up your inner thighs and how to eat healthy while you are on the road.

  • Body Online
    Find all sorts of information with the click of a mouse.

  • Personal Trainer
    Our fitness guru gives you training tips that will put your progress in overdrive.