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October 2002

Magazine founded by Dave Palumbo for bodybuilders by bodybuilders. Information includes contest preps, supplement info, training info, and much more. On the cover is Art Atwood.

October 2002
Issue #3


  • Editor's Page
    My Dream by Dave Palumbo. We have successfully printed 3 issues of Rx Muscle in the last year, thus adhering to our pledge to put out a multi issue quality magazine. I can only hope that we are finally becoming known for our diligent handling of all issues related to bodybuilding and for our incredibly accurate reporting of the truth in the extremely biased world of professional bodybuilding.

  • Monster Legs
    Having your legs feel so ridiculously swollen that they are about to explode is just about the most incredible feeling a bodybuilder can experience.

  • Ask The Guru
    Questions and Answers with Dave Palumbo, including What can I expect to find on Dave's Website; A Good Way to Cycle Steroids; A video called Reconstruction of a bodybuilder; How to use Arimidex; and more.

  • Injuries and the Bodybuilder
    Oh Why Me? Why Now? We talk about shoulder injuries, and more.

  • New Gear From Spain
    A new company from Spain is introducing new and quite good products into the European black market. Right now, only the all time main stays are up for sale. Geverni produces three orals, all in capsule form, instead of the usual tablets.

  • The Kivacian Corner
    Questions and answers with Greg Kovacs, including Talk about Insulin and the benefits; Free Bar Squatting is the best exercise for growing big legs?; and more.

  • Drug of the Month
    Deca Durabolin, or nandrolone decanoate, has a longstanding reputation as one of the safest and effective anabolic steroids. It is a a particular long acting ester, with activity of up to three weeks.

  • How To Get Busted For Steroids
    There are a number of ways. Including buy gear via mail order; talk freely about juicing; make risky juice sales; and more. Check out more on www.steroidlaw.com

  • Go Figure?
    Figure was introduced as a sport in the NPC in 2001. The 2003, the IFBB pro figure division will begin. However, there is mixed emotions about Figure? Is it really a sport or an exhibition?

  • Changing Your Body 101
    Part 1 of 3 Part Issue. I have come to the conclusion that the general public is subject to a plethora of BS via fitness and bodybuilding magazines, infomercials, misinformed fitness professionals and more. By Jim Quinn

  • Simple Adjustments to Develop a Huge Bench Press
    Most everyone who is involved in bodybuilding or any sport would love to have a huge bench press.

  • A Work of Art Atwood
    An interview with Art Atwood in his hometown state of Wisconsin.

  • A Dip Into the Gene Pool
    Dangerous New Athletes. Derek Anthony is this issues new face. At a mere 21 years old, he has developed a staggering amount of muscle on his 5 foot 10 inch physique.

  • Nicole Bass
    Trains to kick some Buttafuco Ass! A Personal Interview with Nicole Bass, including pictures from the Jan Tana, her training regimen and more.

  • Injection, Infection, Protection
    Chronic steroid use has claimed very few victims over its 50 year history. Of course, every person who has ever used an ampule of Deca Durabolin blames any ailment they come down with on their former steroid use.

  • The Anabolic Lab
    Various products including Teston, Enantat, Propionat, Deca, Bold, and more.

  • Toxicity Part 2
    We are going to focus on the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and lymphatic systems.

  • Guest Essay
    The other eating disorder - Orthorexia Nervosa. By Colette Nelson. Bodybuilders are notorious for extreme behavior.

  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
    Part 3 in the series. We talk about Low Level Laser Therapy. It's hot, but not really.

  • Training for the Modern Day Gladiator
    Kill or be killed! The gladiator must not be concerned with a training approach that will produce futile results. If you were in combat standing before an adversary where one man lives and one must diet, would you train for the aesthetics of a bodybuilder or the skills of a gladiator.

  • Intensity or Insanity
    By John DeFendis. It was never about the contest. It was always about the workout. My battle was with the barbells and the dumbbells and my battlefield was the gym. My victory was beating the weights and machines and surpassing anything that I and anyone else had ever done before.

  • Contest Commentary
    Including Night of Champions 24; the 2002 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic; and more.

  • Special Feature
    Esiclene vs. Esik-Clean

  • Stanozolol (Winstrol)
    Winstrol is a very common anabolic steroid used among both male and female athletes involved in a wide range of sports.