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Spring 2003

Magazine founded by Dave Palumbo for bodybuilders by bodybuilders. Information includes contest preps, supplement info, training info, and much more. On the cover is Andrulla Blanchette.

Spring 2003


  • Editor's Page
    This edition is dedicated to those bodybuilders who understands that in order to be struly successful in the sport of bodybuilding, you must have balance in your life. There are energy suckers and energy exchangers. This is the fourth installment of RxMuscle. By Dave Palumbo.

  • Ask The Guru
    Hardcore no hold barred Q&A. Including what is the best strategy to employ when going off anabolic steroids? What is the ideal amount of time to stay off the drugs? and more.

  • Synthol Update
    A case study. Chris Clark, aka Mr. Synthol is a former German bodybuilder who is perhaps best known for inventing Synthol and bringing it to the marketplace.

  • Gynecomastia 'Bitch Tits'
    A complete guide to gynocomastia. Including causes, presentation, and treatment modalities.

  • Drug of the Month: Insulin
    Everything you ever needed to know about Insulin! What is insulin, and more.

  • Guest Interview
    Steve Michalik, Renaissance Man. The Panthom, as Michalik is known, is truly a man of surprises.

  • Steroids and The Law: Veterinary Implants
    A loophole in the law? Veterinary implants offer some unique and unresolved legal issues for the hardcore bodybuilder.

  • Assistance For That Huge Bench Press
    From the bench press world record holder. Chris Confessore is a multiple bench press world record holder.

  • Injuries and the Bodybuilder
    Tennis Elbow. A common ailment is the dredded elbow pain, a form of cumulative trauma disorder.

  • Featured Article: Ultimate MASS
    The guide to get you there. How do I get huge? Here is the most definitive mass gaining program available anywhere.

  • RX Hair Loss
    We discuss ways to slow hair losses and possibly initiate growth of dormant hair.

  • Guest Essay: Birthday Training Day
    I wanted to do something that would make me very happy, and that turned out to be an easy answer - a good training day.

  • Guest Essay: Intensity or Insanity
    The road to the USA. By John Defendis, 1988 NPC USA Championships.

  • Viewpoint
    Getting huge takes a huge set of balls.

  • Viewpoint
    Post Cycle Recovery. An optimized protocol.

  • Guest Interview
    Andrulla Blanchett. It is rare to find a woman in female bodybuilding that will freely speak about the truths of her sport.

  • Showdown at the Mandalay Bay
    Ronnie was much smaller and flatter than we have ever seen him, and more on the Mr. Olympia showdown.

  • Kovakian Corner
    Greg Kovacs answers questions, including having very stubborn calves, and if cardio is necessary do to when dieting?

  • Up & Coming
    Dangerous New Physiques - Brian Hoydic and Andy Snyder. Brian hails from the small town of Erie, Pennsylvania. Andry lives in Pittsburgh, and has his own training company, Pittsburgh Pro Training.

  • The Anabolic Labs
    Various products, label claims, and actual contents.

  • Gym Update: East Coast Bodybuilding Mecca
    Bev Franci Gold's Gym in Syosset, New York.

  • Contest Prep
    A step by step guide. From George Farah.

  • Revolutions
    Who's got your back?

  • Plastic Surgery
    Perfect Pecs.

  • Psychology of Hair Loss
    Surveys reveal that at least 70% affected by hair loss are very concerned about the problem.

  • Battle of the Site Enhancement Products
    Part 2. The Synthol Products. Synthosize HP 877/6 Pump 'n' Pose vs. Sterile MCT Oil.

  • I've Seen the Needle and the Damage is Done
    Needle addiction is far worse and much tougher to recover from.