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January 2005

A publication that brings today's sport and fitness minded men all the things they care about in one fun to read magazine. There is a variety of articles and photo spreads ranging from sports & fitness, to fashion & grooming, including bodybuilding and extreme sports, gadgets to media, nutritional supplementation, and more more. AXL is an all encompassing guide for today's athletic man. On the cover is Remy and Brienne.

January 2005 - Table of Contents
Volume 1, Number 1

Various Features

  • Celebrity Profile: Carmen Electra
    Find out what turns this beauty on and how her latest DVD keeps her fit to strip.

  • The World's Strongest Man
    When the world's strongest men fight over who's toughest, chest hairs come off and egos fly. Find out who is the last strong man standing when the world's best go bicep to bicep.

  • Protein: Friend or Foe
    Legend has it that kidney's can't handle an over abundance of protein intake. But we nuke that nutrient myth and explain why sufficient amounts of protein are essential for muscle building.

  • Muscle Up With Creatine
    Those who want to lift more and get stronger often turn to creatine for help. The reason: It Works. The latest science behind this extra special protein.

  • Pre-Contest Bible
    Training commandments for peak performance. Thou shalt smite the competition and be honored with golden trophies as the judges bow down to you.

  • 2000 Pounds of Muscle Between Your Legs
    What weights 2,000 pounds and flies? The nasty buckers bull riders cling to for a minimum of eight seconds. Bullriding is a sport that doesn't just look dangerous, it's got the casualties to prove it.

  • Xtreme Style
    Clothes may not make the man, but great threads make a great impression. Take it to the limit with these hot fashions.

  • IFBB Figure Girls of the East Coast
    If you're ready to drool over shapely women in awesome shape, listen in on our conversations with these muscular lovelies. You may learn enough to get one of your own!

  • Body Specifics: Fit for Sports
    Exercise research has revolutionized training techniques. How to fine tune your workouts to fit your particular sport.

Various Features

  • Editors Notes

  • Sex
    Things you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

  • Gadgets and Stuff
    The best gizmos you've got to have

  • Movies
    Separating great sports movies from weaker flicks.

  • Mind and Body
    The three secrets of success

  • Bodybuilding Spotlight
    Dorian Yates: Six Time Mr. Olympia

  • Grooming
    Excess body hair: leave home without it.

  • Xtreme Makeover
    The journey from Mr. Average to super fit

  • Ask the Athletes
    Jason Fabini, NY Jets left tackle.

  • Ergogenic Express
    Fortiy with Protein

  • Gyms Across America
    Bev Francis Gold's Gym, the East Coast Mecca

  • Performance Training
    What happens to muscles when you stretch

  • Training
    Derek Panza, kickboxing champ works out

  • Xtreme Adventure
    Ice climbing: Frozen cliffs, hot sport

  • Xtreme Training
    Mariusz Pudzianowski's two time World's Strongest Man

  • Book Review
    Frank Sepe has a new book and a new plan