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Spring 2001

Guzz U.Z.R. is produced and distributed quarterly by Nuclear Nutrition. This issue is the 2nd issue by Trevor Smith, who wanted to promote his new product line, and more info without tons of advertisements. On the cover is Markus Ruhl.

Spring 2001 - Table of Contents
Issue #2


  • A Few Works from Mr. Smith
    I do not have time to waste trying to cultivate customers that will constantly be swayed by the next colorful advertising campaign by another company.

  • Muscle Growth Occurs During Deep Sleep
    There's a reason why so many athletes use these illicit substances. What is in Humatropil; How does R.E.M. work; What is Immunolon HD; L-Dopa; 20-Hydoxyecdysone, Bioperine, and more.

  • All Men, and Women, Are Created Equal
    We are discussing the topic of equality and how we can relate it to bodybuilding. All men are created with the same ability to aspire to greatness.

  • The Return of Quadzilla
    The interview the bodybuilding world has been waiting six years for. Say hello to Paul DeMayo, 1994 NPC National Champion.

  • Insulin Revisited
    Sometimes a good thing can be too much of a good thing.

  • Seeing the Light
    An awakening? Yes! A realization? Allow me to explain what Beyond Failure Training is doing for me, what it will do for me, and why you should be doing it! By Mat Duval.

  • 2000 British Grand Prix
    Sunday, October 29th, 2000, at the Apollo Theatre, Ardwick Green, Manchester, England.

  • The Poor Man's Cycle
    What is the smartest way to insure maximum growth and minimum side effects?

  • Lunatic Fat Loss Program
    Or, the realities of fat loss in the fitness and bodybuilding world. We throw together a list of known thermogenic compounds that bodybuilders and fitness competitors like to use to get into shape and keep the fat off.

  • Rising Star
    Jen Doxey. She had a goal of competing and the determination to do it, fast.

  • The Good Old Days
    Wells, looks like they are here again. A spotlight on International Pharmaceuticals.

  • The Road Less Traveled
    June 24th, Trevor Smith's birthday, is when he finally proved that he was serious about lifting to his father, who had agreed to buy him a membership at the local bodybuilding gym in his town.

  • Hardcore Protein Nutrition
    Top protein questions included 'How much protein should I eat each day' ; 'Can I eat more than 30 grams of protein at one time' ; and 'Is too much protein dangerous?'.

  • Living with Mr. Big
    Nancy Smith talks about what it is like to feed and live with 'such a huge guy', Trevor, whose weight fluctuated between 320 pounds and 360 pounds.