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Fall 2001

Issue #4 consists of 40 pages, and lots of ads for Nuclear Nutrition, which is the sponser of this magazine. Trevor Smith is the editor and owner of Nuclear Nutrition. On the cover features Nasser El Sonbaty.

Fall 2001 - Table of Contents
Issue #4


  • Editorial
    I was thinking about what it is that I was going to speak of in my editorial and the though occurred to me that I should take the opportunity to discuss a topic that rears its head on a consistent basis when it comes to our daily lives. Stress. By Trevor Smith.

  • Brothers, Cousins and Sons
    Why is it so intimidating that rather than just give a compliment and go about their business, they feel the need to strike up a conversation with you for the sole purpose of tearing you down. It seems that every person who meets a bodybuilder has a brother or cousin that 'is bigger than you'. By Trevor Smith.

  • Gym Etiquette
    What ever happened to the days of assisting a stranger in the gym with a set? The correct spot can mean the difference between a good workout and one that is dangerous and a waste of time. By Nancy Smith.

  • Healing Hands
    Massage Therapy Benefits Bodybuilders. Including what are the different styles and benefits of massage therapy.

  • The Art of War
    Over 2000 years ago live a warrior named Sun Tzu. During a time when way was a way of life, he put pen to paper and wrote what is considered the definitive guide to battle. Not just physical battle or war, but any battle whether it is an internal struggle or an external one. Where it is physical or mental, against an army of 1,000 or an army of one, or for the purpose of this article, against yourself.

  • The Long Terms Benefits of Short Term Courses
    One of the more consistent themes that I keep coming across while interacting with numerous bodybuilders is the idea that it is necessary to have a steroid cycle that is long in duration.

  • The Sleeve Stretching Cycle
    The following cycle is something that a great many number of bodybuilders in Europe use as their method of getting big arms when genetics have not been all that kind. I won't argue that it is going to be uncomfortable, but trust me when I tell you that it works tremendously.

  • Cycles…
    What is a cycle? The answer to your question of cycles is 'Relationships and Relativity'.

  • Ask Trevor
    Questions include 'Beyond Failure Training - Solo' ; 'Women and Steroid Use' ; 'DNP - the Ultimate Fat Burner' ; and 'Perverse, Deviant Dirty Sex with Groups of six women or more'.