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Summer 2002

Issue #6 consists of 40 pages, and lots of ads for Nuclear Nutrition, which is the sponser of this magazine. Trevor Smith is the editor and owner of Nuclear Nutrition. On the cover features Ronnie Coleman.

Summer 2002 - Table of Contents
Issue #6


  • Editorial
    Suffer Well. Dr. Ogura was known for calling people out on the carpet to take responsibility for the hand that they were dealt, stop whining and crying about their situation in life, and learn to suffer well. By Trevor L. Smith.

  • Incarcerated Steroid Dealer
    The truth from behind bars, Part one. Why is is that a man can take hormones to become a woman but it is illegal to take hormones that increase masculine traits such as increased muscle mass.

  • I.F.B.B. Fitness Pro Jen Cook
    Interview with Jen Cook, who is making her IFBB professional debut at the Jan Tana in August 2002.

  • Unemployed by choice
    When did unemployment become so fashoinable to aspiring bodybuilders? This attitude and thought pattern is part of the problem and reason why the sport of bodybuilding receives a lack of respect. How can this incorrect work method be changed?

  • Ask Trevor
    Questions include What's Better, Equipoise or Deca?; Muscle Soreness - Is it an indication of a good workout>; Lack of Appetitie; Protein Requirements and more.

  • Beyond Failure Training Intensity Tips
    Extreme Forced Reps (EMRs). One of the key components to Beyond Failure Training is the correct understanding and application of assisting your training partner.

  • How Far Are You Willing to Go?
    The need to kill your ego to achieve your goals.