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Fall 2002

Issue #7 consists of 48 pages, and lots of ads for Nuclear Nutrition, which is the sponser of this magazine. Trevor Smith is the editor and owner of Nuclear Nutrition. On the cover features Timea Majorova.

Fall 2002 - Table of Contents
Issue #7


  • The Call Of The Hero
    A true here is one who, despite terrifying fear and uncertainty, steps forwards and ventures on a path of the unknown.

  • Incarcerated Steroid Dealer
    The truth from behind bars, Parts 2 and 3.

  • The Steroids That Don't Count
    Why your 'Natural' bodybuilding champion is anything but. In some 'natural' bodybuilder's minds, using small amounts of stanozolol (Winstrol), and nandrolone (Deca) is all right, but using any type of Testosterone is a big no-no.

  • Timea
    With her tigress physique, sexy poses, sultry accent, Timea's name easily stands alone in the sport of Fitness. I am certainly pleased to interview Timea for this issue.

  • Maintaining Gains Post Cycle
    We have seen it all before, a guy in the gym walking around at a body weight of 170lbs, and relatively soft. A month before summer comes, he is somehow a rock hard 205lbs. Well maybe not rock hard, but more like a water ballon with pink skin. Anyway, the point I am making is that they guy in question exploded in size seemingly overnight.

  • Ask Trevor Smith
    Questions include high fat diets; myostatin inhibitors and giant muscular bulls; bodybuilding porno mags; and more.

  • Pain Management
    I cannot remember what it is like to go into the gym and train without some sort of discomfort or nagging reminder of an old injury.

  • Sterilizing Dirty Gear
    The permanent prevention of infections and abscesses. It can be achieved through a simple syringe filter and an oven set of 250 degrees.

  • Xpectations
    We all have guidelines we follow, rules be bend and standard we live by.

  • The Man Behind the Champions
    A conversation with Chad Nichols the world's most renowned nutritionist / bodybuilding coach.