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December 2000

Muscle Media Magazine went through transformations in 1999, coming out with only a few issues. The year 2000 is starting of with Bill Phillips asking to begin a new era with not only a dynamic and comtemporary new look, but also a renewed focus on helping the reader succeed in their efforts to look and feel great. The magazine is owned by Bill Phillips, who also owns EAS. The magazine focus on information on training and nutrition. Muscle Media is an interesting magazine to read, mostly geared for beginning people who want to get into shape. On the cover is Ali Breckenridge and Jeffrey Crawford.

December 2000 - Table of Contents
Issue #84


  • The Golden Rules of Sleep
    Follow these rules to stay healthy and to encourage muscle growth.

  • A Different Kind of Cheerleader
    Erin Lindsey convinced her steakhouse coworkers to join her at the gym.

  • It's Party Time!
    How to stay focused on your goals before, during and after the holidays.

  • The Maximum Intensity Gateway
    How to hit your high point!

  • Have You had Enough Water Today?
    Why you need to stay hydrated.

  • Getting that Winner's Edge
    Dr. Denis Waitley's keys to success.

  • Go After Your Dreams
    Looking back to challenge finishers.

  • Peaceful Warrior
    For NFL star Ted Johson, the strength that prevails comes from within.


  • Up Front
    More inspiration, more often

  • Word of Mouth
    A heated exchange about 'Getting Huge'

  • Clear Cut Q&A
    Clarify your path to success

  • Ask Dr. Life
    Answers about living fit

  • Success Coach
    Seven fat burning exercises

  • Inspiration
    The dance of life requires energy, focus, and timing.

  • Book Excerpt
    Mind over matter

  • Gear Guide
    Gifts that uplift

  • Authorized Recipes
    Keep it simple

  • Research Update
    New findings on fat burning CLA

  • Freeman's Word
    Holiday drinking.


  • EAS Edge
    Rugby recover rx; Custom design a complete program to help you achieve your transformation goals.