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May 2001

Muscle Media Magazine, with its new team, is again focusing on making a magazine that inspires people. The magazine focus on information on training and nutrition. Muscle Media is an interesting magazine to read, mostly geared for beginning people who want to get into shape. On the cover is Jennifer England and Jonathan Aube

May 2001 - Table of Contents
Issue #88


  • Russian Arm Secrets
    Top CCCP Secrets for breaking size barrier and smashing plateaus.

  • Big Fat Lies
    Muscle Media exterminates the seven biggest fibs about dietary fats.

  • Against All Odds
    2000 Body For Life Grand Master Champion Rory Palazzo discusses his life changing experience.

  • Mechanisms of Muscle Growth
    A foolproof blueprint for gaining lean, hard muscle mass in eight weeks.

  • Out of Balance
    Muscle Media investigates the truth behind the Atkins Diet.

  • Fire Up!
    Thermogenics are not the only way to light a fire under your butt before a workout!

  • Sharpe Attitude
    Shannon Sharpe speaks out on life and football.

  • Create A Grid of Life
    Step by step examples that show you how to conquer your fears and expand your comfort zone.

  • Good to Grill
    Delicious dishes you can cook on a lean, mean grilling machine.


  • Up Front
    It's time to make our own transformation.

  • Word of Mouth
    Uncovering the 'old' Muscle Media.

  • Muscle Media Insider
    What's hot and what's not in fitness; plus Hollywood's A-List at the gym.

  • Clear Cut Q&A
    Nourishment for your self confidence.

  • Question of Strength
    Do high rep sets work?

  • Performance Nutrition
    How important is the food we eat?

  • Sports Supplement Review
    Natural remedies for your aching joints.

  • Research Update
    The Creatine Cancer Scare is unfounded.

  • Success Coach
    How to find your hidden 'Six Pack'

  • Freeman's Word
    I have a new hero to look up to