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November 2002

Muscle Media Magazine, with its new team, is again focusing on making a magazine that inspires people. The magazine focus on information on training and nutrition. Muscle Media is an interesting magazine to read, mostly geared for beginning people who want to get into shape. On the cover is Traci Anselman and Sebastian Siegel.

November 2002 - Table of Contents
Issue #103

Special Features

  • Flatten Your Abs Forever
    Five principles to achieve your best abs.

  • Shawn Phillips' Favorite Ab Exercises
    Sculpt the three regions of the midsection with these drills.

  • The 5% Club
    Do you make these ab training mistakes?

  • The Game of Life
    How Dr. Jeffry Life transformed his body and life.

  • The Forgotten Four
    Improve performance with these exercises for neglected muscle groups.

  • How To Beat The Blahs
    Re-Energize your workouts with these techniques in 21 days.

  • Hormonal Dieting
    Get effective fat loss with hormonal dieting.

  • Your Vehicle to Greater Fat Loss
    Burn more fat with this unique cardio routine.

  • 11 Best Supplements You Have Never Heard Of
    Leading edge supplements to help you build a better physique.

Features Key

  • Power Mindset
    Empowering articles focused on increasing your mind muscle clarity.

  • Advanced Training
    Instructional training advice to increase muscle and / or reduce body fat.

  • Research Update
    Breaking research important to your mental and physical health.

  • Advanced Nutrition
    Nutritional strategies for a leaner, stronger, more muscular physique.

  • Supplement Review
    Updates and reviews of performance enhancing nutrients.


  • Personal Trainer
    How to build a V-shaped back.

  • Lean, Mean Tailgate Cuisine
    Delicious recipes for your tailgate party before the big game!

  • MM On Tour

  • Peak Experiences


  • Up Front

  • Reader's Letters

  • Power Mindset
    How to break those bad habits.

  • Question of Strength
    Loosen up your back after a workout with these stretches.

  • Performance Nutrition
    Hydrate for a healthy heart.

  • Supplement Review
    Fat loss success for ripped abs.

  • Research Update
    Are you overtraining?

  • Freeman's Word
    How to become a true champion.

  • Skinny Man Q&A
    How to add 2 inches to your bis in 21 days.