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September 1996

Danny Hester is the featured star in this issue, with a look on his life, and his current and future status as a rising star. Also, there are many sections dealing with questions that readers ask about steroids, training, supplements, etc. Other articles include more information on CLA, Dan Duchaine up close and personal, and Get Lean & Strong. The bodybuilders on the cover are Danny Hester, a drug free bodybuilder champion at 175 pounds, and Vince Galanti, the USA Bodybuilding Champion at 180 pounds.

Bill Phillips' Muscle Media 2000 considers itself the risk takers of bodybuilding magazines, which offends some people, and brings out a lot of controversy in some of the articles that are written. The magazine has a lot of questions and answer sections, and takes a personal approach to the art of bodybuilding.

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