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August 1997

With the July issue of Muscle Media, they have changed their image a little, revamped the magazine into a more modern look, and renamed the magazine. No longer will the number '2000' be a part of the new look. No more MM2K as the shortened version of the magazine. Bill Phillips has dropped it, as he is looking much further into the future. Their mission is to build a positive image of the bodybuilder, for the bodybuilder and by the bodybuilder. On the cover is Mike Myan. who is the manager of Gold's Gym Venice, and also the boyfriend of Monica Brandt.

Bill Phillips' Muscle Media magazine considers itself the risk takers of bodybuilding magazines, which offends some people, and brings out a lot of controversy in some of the articles that are written. It's logo is 'the art & science of bodybuilding'. The magazine has a lot of questions and answer sections, and takes a personal approach to the art of bodybuilding

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Issue Number 61


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