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Olympia Prize Money Breakdown Info - Richest Olympia Ever!
August 19, 2005 - Ron's Opinon

  • Since the last 'official' press release, many of us have been wondering what the prize money breakdown would be for the Olympia, namely the men's bodybuilding event. The increase in prize money is great - as no athlete can now say that the prize money hasn't gone up substantially. And if you are in the top five in the world in men's bodybuilding come that fateful Saturday night in October - it will be a very happy night.

    The official press release is below, including the prize money breakdown, with the winner of the Mr. Olympia receiving $150,000. Then there is also the $50,000 Challenge Round, and the Best Wheel's Prize award. For those who said that AMI couldn't come up with the money - not only did they do that, but raised is incredibly high that shut up all of the naysayers.

    This Olympia will have something for everyone. Bodybuilding, fitness, figure, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) with an Octogon and fights, a world record Bench Press attempt, and so much more. The expo is looking good too, so I hope to see many of you there.

    Press Release - 08-19-05

  • On the chart at the foot of this posting is detailed the breakdown of the prize money being paid out at Joe Weider's 2005 Olympia Weekend. The total on offer is $711,000, an increase of 31% from the $540,000 paid out last year. The prize money is only one of the reasons that this 2005 Olympia Weekend will be the best ever. To recap what's lined up for this year event, here's a quick checklist of ten reasons not to miss the 2005 Olympia Weekend.

    1. Orleans Arena - So its name doesn't begin with the letter "M." It is unquestionably the best venue ever to host a bodybuilding event. WWE star Triple H will be on hand to emcee the Mr. Olympia Finals proceedings.

    2. The Expo - The move to the Las Vegas Convention Center means that this will be the biggest Olympia expo ever. Big enough, even, to house an octagon ring filled with UFC fighters.

    3. The Bucks Stop Here - 'Nuff said.
      2004 Olympia Weekend Prize Total Money - $540,000.
      2005 Olympia Weekend Total Prize Money - $711,000.

    4. Wildcard Showdown - An entirely new show on Friday night with $10,000 and entry into the Olympia at stake means twice the entertainment for fans of men's bodybuilding.

    5. Wild, Wild Friday - The gyrations of the Fitness Olympia competitors and the curves of the Figure Olympia line-up make for a hot, hot night in Vegas.

    6. Challenge Round - Yes, it's still in. No, its scoring won't have an impact on the Olympia's outcome. But being judged by former Mr. Olympians it's bound to be full of drama and excitement. Plus, $50,000 in prizes will be divided among its five contestants.

    7. Big Bench - Bench press world record holder Gene Rychlak will attempt to shatter his own mark with an attempt of an incredible 1015 pounds during the Mr. Olympia Finals on Saturday night. That's like pressing Ronnie, Jay, Gunter and Nicole Rollolazo all at once!

    8. Exposed Women - Yeah, yeah, we know; the Ms. Olympia has been moved to the expo this year and some people don't like it. But with a boost in prize money of a cool $10k over last year's purse, there's a lot to celebrate.

    9. Fan Follows Function - Battle of the Biceps, Gakic Bench Press Challenge, Meet the Olympians, the Olympia banquet, Superstar Training Seminar and a rip-roaring press conference. There will be more ways than ever for Olympia attendees to get involved in the action.

    10. Pay-Per-View - If you can't get to Vegas October 15th, don't worry. This year AMI and the IFBB, along with IMG, the world's largest sport's production company, is producing the PPV event, to be broadcast on iN DEMAND, meaning a quick-paced, entertaining TV show.

    For tickets and more information on the 2005 Olympia weekend please go to, or and look for upcoming articles detailing the event in both FLEX and Muscle & Fitness magazines.

Mr. Olympia Prize Money Breakdown
1st$ 150,000$ 120,000
2nd$ 85,000$ 75,000
3rd$ 55,000$ 50,000
4th$ 45,000$ 40,000
5th$ 35,000$ 30,000
6th$ 27,000$ 25,000
7th$ 16,000$ 15,000
8th$ 15,000 $ 14,000
9th$ 14,000$ 12,000
10th$ 12,000$ 10,000
11th$ 2,000$ 1,000
12th$ 2,000$ 1,000
13th$ 2,000$ 1,000
14th$ 2,000$ 1,000
15th$ 2,000$ 1,000
16th$ 2,000$ 1,000
17th$ 2,000$ 1,000
18th$ 2,000$ 1,000
19th$ 2,000$
20th$ 2,000$
21st$ 2,000$
22nd$ 2,000$
23rd$ 2,000$
Challenge Round$ 50,000$
VyoTech's Best Wheels Prize$ 10,000$
Wild Card Showdown $ 10,000$
Total Men's$ 550,000$ 399,000

Ms. Olympia Prize Money Breakdown
1st$ 30,000*
2nd$ 18,000*
3rd$ 10,000*
4th$ 7,000*
5th$ 4,000*
6th$ 2,000*
Total Women's$ 71,000$ 61,000

* Comparison not applicable due to there being
two weight classes in 2004,
as against just one class this year.

Fitness Olympia Prize Money Breakdown
1st$ 22,000$ 20,000
2nd$ 14,000$ 12,000
3rd$ 9,000$ 8,000
4th$ 6,000$ 6,000
5th$ 4,000$ 4,000
Total Fitness$ 55,000$ 50,000

Figure Olympia Prize Money Breakdown
1st$ 18,000$ 15,000
2nd$ 7,000$ 6,000
3rd$ 5,000$ 4,000
4th$ 3,000$ 3,000
5th$ 2,000$ 2,000
Total Figure$ 35,000$ 30,000