Getbig2002 California State
Collegiate Championships

Mandy, Timea and Shiva

    Mandy Blank did a fitness routine on stage, which was quite pleasing, but without the gymnastics as she hurt her leg a few days before the show. Mandy, who trains at Gold's Gym Downtown Los Angeles, has been training in the boxing ring for about 5 months, and will compete in her first fight in about two months.

    Timea Majorova has been quite busy, just finishing up a small part in a movie. She just arrived back to Los Angeles from Italy, where there was a fitness expo, and was leaving to Spain the following day for other business affairs. She came to this show to support the California Collegiates.

    Shiva Bagheri is a national ranked fitness competitor. In 2000, she got 6th place in Ms. Fitness USA and 9th place in the Fitness America Pageant. Today, she teaches and runs a children's dance program at a predominate dance studio in LA called Millennium Dance Complex