Getbig2002 California State
Collegiate Championships

Lee Priest & Larry Mosby

  • We love Lee. Always a kidder, and this particular evening, Lee was in for a great time, for 5'4" Lee and 6'8" Larry Mosby were talking when suddenly someone had an interesting idea. Can you get these two into the telephone booth and close the door?

    Now this was one tiny telephone booth, but Lee and Larry were determined to prove everyone wrong. Lee got inside easily enough, but when big Larry went in, where could Lee go? Lee found himself pushed up to the top of the telephone booth, as June Munroe (Larry's wife) and Cathy Priest both had their hands on their face in amazement. The hard part was to close the door, as the door was one of those that split in the middle and went inward.

    Finally, the door was closed, and to everyone's laughter, there was Lee & Larry in the small telephone booth, having a great time. However, it was quite tight in there, and then after they were situated, they remembered that to get out, they had to get the door open again, which was no easy task.

    Of course, once Larry had Lee in there, a huge hand came over Lee in a chokehold, as Lee tried to get out. Lee was stuck, arms flailing around, but it was all in good fun. You can call this 'Lee & Larry's Fast Way To Lose Some Weight'