Getbig2006 Ironman Pictures

More Misc Pictures at the Ironman

Lonnie Teper backstage preparing his notes

John Bailik talking with LT

John is the man!

Mark Dugdale with his Nutrex suit

Hany Rambod and his girl

Hany with Lee Priest very happy

Such a nice picture

Fuck you all the haters who said Lee couldnt win

Double fuck you to the ones who hound Lee on the boards

Adela and Lee - Adela knows who is #1

Leroy Colbert with Bill Grant

Bob Bonham and friends

Lynn Conkwright and friends

Gary Strydom and Elsa

Isaac with Liz

An Ironman worker tired after the show

One of the competitor's lovely wife

The photographers are ready to take some shots

Flex's Shawn and Greg are in the house