A Message from Ben Weider

Dear bodybuilding fans,

As president of the International Federation of Bodybuilders, I greet you at the commencement of the 34th annual Joe Weider's Mr. Olympia contest.

The competition at this year's events will be the fiercest ever because of the extraordinary standards these athletes have achieved. Every athlete competing this weekend has had to meet the high criteria of the IFBB in order the achieve the honor of competing.

Each of the athletes in these competitions is a champion in his own right, and has spent the past year training to attain maximum results in the hopes of winning what is recognized as the most prestigious and important even in their sport. Each is a dedicated ambassador of the sport of physical endeavor. Your support, applause and encouragement will give them great pride. After all, they've earned it.

I also wish to extend a special thanks to Mr. Joe Weider for his creativity in organizing these contests. It was his desire that bodybuilding champions earn a good living in their sport, and this was his motivating factor when he created these Olympias and the professional bodybuilding circuit we know today.

We are proud that this year's Mr. Olympia contest is being held in New York City, at the great Madison Square Garden.

Wishing you an exciting weekend,

I am sincerely yours,

Ben Weider
IFBB President