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Various Pictures from the 2005 Meet the Olympians
October 14, 2005

This place was packed...

Everywhere I went was a mob of people

Can you beleive this was a huge room!

Lee Priest

Shawn Ray

Shawn Ray - Dexter Jackson - Darrem Charles

Garrett Downing / Derek Farnsworth

Mitsuru Okabe and Flex Wheeler

Frank Roberson & wife

Redeo / Sterling Steele

A friendly couple from England

Lauren Powers / Marika Johansen

Lauren Powers / Marika Johansen

Jason Dhir

Jason Dhir & Friends

Irv Gelb

J.M. Manion / Adela Garcia

Lee Priest / J.M. Manion / Adela Garcia

Steve Weinburger & friends

Nice girl in the room

Dexter Jackson with Nancy Dinino

Dexter & Nancy relaxing

Bob Cicherillo in the Athlete's Meeting